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founder and dreamer behind boskk

 boskk comes from the word bosk /bäsk/ (noun):  meaning a little thicket or small wooded area. 

boskk was established in 2019 in a suburb of Chicago. I first started creating pieces for friends and family, and since then has grown to what it is today. Over the past two years, the brand has transitioned to DC and back to Chicago again. I am lucky to be able to build a community on the East Coast and in the Midwest. Although I will be producing my products entirely in Chicago now, my ties to DC are still very strong as I continue to be part of the community in the District.

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boskk creates handcrafted, modern and functional design pieces that bring simplicity and luxury to any area of your home. Individuality and uniqueness are found in each handcrafted item you will not find anywhere else.

boskk is dedicated to creating more than just a product. It is a sustainable brand focused on emphasizing the ideals of each individual and helping to create timeless moments.

I knew that home decor, especially wooden decor, could be different than what is seen from large retail companies that mass produce products. It can be made by hand from a local artisan to showcase the wood's natural beauty and unique characteristics each piece brings. 

Because of this, I wanted to create my own artisanal decor brand and I'm proud to be making products that will last forever. You know your product is handcrafted with care when you have boskk's logo engraved in your piece. 



Every piece of wood used to make one of boskk's pieces is hand selected by me at local wood shops in the Chicagoland area. These wood shops source their wood from within the United States as well as across the globe. This allows boskk to provide the perfect cohesion of local and global, bringing the world to directly to you. 
boskk will donate a portion of every item sold to Little Black Pearl, a nonprofit empowering youth on Chicago's south side to envision their future through art and entrepreneurship. It helps fight the challenges that urban youth face while providing a safe space to express their ideas and feelings creatively.


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